Our firm has existed since 1998 as a deposit company dealing with restoration and trade of old pine furniture.

First of all we are specialized on restoration of this type of furniture, which means the total removal of the original paint followed by restoring of the construction and finally the surface treatment. The treatment of the surface can be made by beeswax, which gives an extremely natural and harmonious colour to the piece of furniture.

Another way of it is that after restoring the construction the ordered colour is painted using only water based materials, afterwards the surface is formed antique and the process is finished by the spreading of wax as well.

Naturally, totally original pices of furniture can also be found in our offer. Conversion of old wardrobes into bookcases or TV-cases is a novelty.

Therefore, we are at our customers’ service offering extremely wide supply according to their requirements.
We can also take on the administration of the export if needed.